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Service (+45) 114

(+45) 114 is the service number for the Danish police. Dial (+45) 114 for general enquiries.

When should you dial (+45) 114?

Here are examples of situations where you can call (+45) 114:

  • If you wish to report a crime that does not require urgent police presence
  • If you have questions for example regarding your case, parking, traffic or other things
  • If you want to pass on information to the police
  • If you have a general enquiry to the police

You can also pass on information to the police in writing via the form Tell the police.


All calls to (+45) 114 are recorded.


If you are calling from a foreign mobile phone in Denmark or from a foreign country, you need to dial the country code for Denmark in front: +45 114.

What happens when you call (+45) 114?

When you call (+45) 114, you might be asked in Danish to enter the postal code you are calling from. If you do not know it, enter 1780 for Copenhagen.


You will then be greeted by a welcome message in Danish that informs you that the conversation is being recorded.

Wait for the welcome message in Danish to finish and then:


  • Press 1 if you wish to report a crime
  • Press 2 if you have a general enquiry or wish to speak to a specific employee or department in the Danish police
  • Press 3 for opening hours (please note opening hours are read in Danish).

You can also find information about a police station's opening hours under Find police station.