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Emergency 112

112 is the number for the emergency services in Denmark. Dial 112 if you need emergency assistance.

When should you dial 112?

Here are examples of situations that require emergency assistance:


  • Accidents, serious crimes or a fire
  • Situations that put life, property or environment at risk
  • Situations that require emergency assistance from the police, an ambulance, fire department or environmental authorities
  • Life-threatening illness and injury

All calls to 112 are recorded.

What happens when you call 112?
When you call 112, you will be greeted by a welcome message saying in Danish that you have called the emergency services. Then an emergency operator will answer your call.

If you are calling from a foreign mobile phone in Denmark, you do not need to dial the country code for Denmark in front. The call will go through whether you dial +45 112 or just 112.

The operator will usually ask you:


  • What has happened?
  • Where did it happen?
  • When did it happen?
  • Where should the emergency assistance be sent to (exact address)?
  • How many casualties are there?

While speaking, the operator will pass your information to the right authority. It can be the fire department, a health professional or the police.


If you are in urgent need of police assistance, the emergency operator will forward you to one of the police operational centres which will help you.


Illness or injury

If you are in urgent need of help in connection with illness or injury, the operator will connect a health professional to the conversation. The health professional decides the further course of action, e.g. whether to send an ambulance, and guides you in first aid, if necessary.



If you are in urgent need of help from the fire service, the operator will forward your report to a fire department while you speak.

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