Spring til hovedindhold


Corporate strategy

We protect society and provide safety and security for the citizens.

We act in time
  • We want to maintain Denmark as a safe and secure society
  • We want to ensure more safety and security in the disadvantaged areas
  • We want to ensure a decrease in citizen-centred crime
  • We want to provide increased digital safety for the citizens
  • We focus on prevention in all focus areas – locally, nationally and internationally
  • We refine our ability to spot problems before they get out of control, and we develop the tools which are necessary to intervene effectively at the right time
  • We strengthen cooperation with the public and private actors who are essential for the success of our prevention efforts
  • We develop our efforts within analysis, knowledge and exchange of best practice, and we ensure that our employees are equipped to handle the new responsibilities
  • We improve our capacity for proactive communication, and we publicise positive stories, while refuting the ones that are misleading
We are present when needed
  • We want to react quickly and effectively when the need arises
  • We want to ensure a nationwide presence in order to ensure proximity to the citizens
  • We want to meet the citizens with respect and professionalism
  • We operate a flexible response force which can be scaled swiftly and managed based on analysis, data and user-friendly digital solutions
  • We create working conditions and tools which enable our employees to make the best possible use of their time, whether in the office or on patrol
  • We make increased use of risk- and vulnerability assessments, especially in our operative planning
  • We focus on how citizens experience their interaction with the police; not just on the services we provide
We follow up and are resolute
  • We want to ensure expedient case handling
  • We want to ensure that more reports lead to verdicts, especially in cases related to citizen-centred crime
  • We want to become better at handling the difficult cases, whether it be money laundering, fraud or organised transnational crime
  • We will strive to ensure that both citizens and private companies are able to track and trace their cases through a transparent case handling system
  • We maintain and further develop efficient operational management in all police districts
  • We conduct standardised investigation and case handling based on reliable data and user-friendly digital solutions
  • We support complex investigations in strong, regional investigation centres
  • We consider the entire criminal justice chain whenever we open a new case
  • We ensure transparent case handling procedures and open communication, so citizens know the status of their case, what the next steps are, and when a final decision can be expected
  • We seek out and enter into cooperation agreements with both public and private actors
We assume our responsibility for all aspects of society
  • We want satisfied citizens, cooperation partners and employees
  • We want to preserve the high levels of public trust in the police
  • We want to contribute to the creation of a strong and well-functioning criminal justice chain and a more coherent public sector
  • We will ensure even better cooperation with external partners, focusing on expectations, services, results, and cooperation
  • We take on leadership when necessary, and ensure that clear and meaningful cooperation and service level agreements are defined
  • We are an open police force, which actively assumes responsibility, and we hold ourselves accountable for our actions
  • We reflect constructively and critically on our own culture and behaviour
  • We develop our working methods by learning from each other, bringing in experiences from other public and private institutions, and applying the most promising results to our work
  • We ensure we have the right leaders and employees, the right competences and resources to assume the responsibilities that we are entrusted with
  • We participate in international police collaboration and refine and develop our working methods through dialogue, collegial peer review and exchange of information