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How to report theft of property, such as a bag, camera, or mobile phone, to the police.

Contact the police

Dial 112, if the perpetrator is still present or just escaped. If the perpetrator is no longer present, you can report the crime by calling or showing up in person at your nearest police station.

Contact info for all police stations
Please have the following information ready

Name, address, telephone number and email address

If the stolen items are owned by a company, you must provide the name of a contact person for the company

Information about the crime scene (address) and time

Information about the stolen items, including information about any marking or traceability, such as GPS, numbering, or engraving

IMEI number (your mobile phone's 15-digit id or serial number), if your mobile phone has been stolen

The value of the stolen items

Identity or description of any suspects

Information about any witnesses

Other information that may be relevant to the case

What happens when you have reported the theft?

The police do not normally show up when you report theft. Instead, we will consider the possibilities of collecting traces, recordings from tv surveillance, and other evidence as well as questioning you and any witnesses.


We will also advice you on what you can do yourself to secure evidence etc.

Once you have reported the theft to the police, you will receive a receipt with a case number by email.


You can use the receipt as documentation for your insurance company. Please note that you also have to report the theft to your insurance company.

If a perpetrator is charged, you will be notified. You will be summoned to the hearing if you are to testify or seek compensation.


If you wish, you can attend the trial, even if you are not testifying.

If the stolen items are found, you will be contacted so that they can be returned to you.


If you have already received compensation from your insurance company, the items will be handed over to your insurance company.

If you have made a claim in the case or need to give evidence in court, you will be summoned to the hearing.
If the police stop the investigation, for example because it is not possible to find a perpetrator, you will be notified.