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About Copenhagen Police

Geographically, the Copenhagen police district includes Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Tårnby, and Dragør municipalities with a total of approx. 770,000 inhabitants.

Copenhagen Police is Denmark's largest police district, measured by the number of inhabitants, the number of employees, and the level of activity in relation to the number of incidents and reports. 


Copenhagen Police employs about. 3,200 people, including approx. 2,250 police officers and approx. 210 people working for the Prosecution Service. Copenhagen Police Headquarters (HQ) are located at the police station Politigården in central Copenhagen. However if you need to report a crime and/or require personal service, you will need to go to Copenhagen Police’s expedition at Copenhagen Central Station.


The Prosecution Service conducts criminal proceedings in Copenhagen City Court and Frederiksberg Court. Copenhagen Police is thus involved in a case from the first report until the case has been closed or settled with e.g. a fine or in court.


The work of Copenhagen Police ranges widely from the fight against gang and organised crime, and the investigation of murder cases, to violence, burglary, and theft crimes, border control, crime prevention and safety-building patrols in the streets.