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Crimes against digital devices

How to report hacking, malware, DDos attacks, or other crimes against a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You can report crimes against digital devices by calling or showing up in person at your nearest police station. Please read the information below, before you call or show up.


Contact info for all police stations

Please have the following information ready

Name, address, telephone number and email address

If the attacked device is owned by a company, you must provide the name of a contact person for the company

Information about the crime

Information about the time of the crime

The value of the attacked device

Any documentation you might have


If your computer, tablet, or smartphone has been attacked, for example, been hacked, locked, or had files or accounts taken over or encrypted.


This type of crime is described as malware (including ransomware), hacking and DDoS attacks.

Hacking is when someone gets access to your computer, your programmes, your email or social profile without your permission.


This can, for example, mean that the hacker uses your information, deletes, changes or copies your data.


The hacker can subsequently try to blackmail you, for example, with threats of publishing private images.

Malware is a common term for malicious software that, for example, a perpetrator can send to you via email.


Ransomware is a type of malware. Downloading this software to your computer prevents or restricts you from accessing the computer.


A perpetrator will typically require you to pay a ransom within a certain time limit before you can access the computer again.

A DDoS attack is when someone prevents you from accessing an it system. For example, it can be overloading a website with a systematic and massive number of queries or attempts to log in.