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About North Jutland Police

Facts on North Jutland Police and our locations.

Forebyggelse Hjørring, mobil politistation, Nordjyllands Politi, Kulturnatten 2018

Photo: Nordjyllands Politi

At North Jutland Police, we are about 850 employees – police officers, prosecutors, administrative and academic workers. We work day and night to ensure that North Jutland remains a safe and secure place.

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North Jutland Police serves approx. 530,900 citizens (as of December 1st 2023) in the nine municipalities of:


Police stations

North Jutland Police district has a number of stations:

Additionally, we serve citizens on a frequent basis from a number of smaller departments or police offices located in East Aalborg, Kaas, and on the island of Laesoe

We are also present at Aalborg Airport.

Our Lost and Found Storage is situated in the Eastern part of Aalborg.

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