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About South East Jutland Police

South East Jutland Police serves approx. 485,000 citizens in the seven municipalities of Skanderborg, Horsens, Hedensted, Vejle, Fredericia, Kolding, and Billund.

The municipalities are located across two regions, Central Denmark Region and Region of Southern Denmark. Geographically, the police district covers an area of approx. 4,000 square metres from Galten in the north to Christiansfeld in the south and from Sdr. Omme in the west to Endelave in the east.


South East Jutland Police employs approx. 875 employees who, besides police officers, also include lawyers, office staff, analysts, communication professionals, and other relevant professionals. South East Jutland Police has an annual budget of approx. 450 million DKK.



South East Jutland Police has six local police stations in the cities of Horsens, Skanderborg, Vejle, Billund, Kolding, and Fredericia, which serve the citizens. In addition, we have a number of local officers in smaller towns such as Grindsted, Juelsminde, Ry, and Jelling, who typically have offices in the town halls.


Our mobile police stations are out and about several times a week, located at for example shopping centres and grocery stores, where police officers are ready to answer questions and speak with the general public.